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Silly bunny

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Jun. 12th, 2009 | 12:37 am
mood: artistic artistic

Heehe, my belovedly silly nnnr_of_tctf and I made a pack to be more social on lj and start posting more often even if it's about random crap that happen through out our day, usually with little doddles or stories to go along. I'm a huge fangirl and so is NR so some time it will be about our fandoms, but other times it might just be about RL events or original work, anyways feel free to skip our ramdomy crap.... 

nnnr_of_tctf already posted something. It's cute, check it out here. Pretty pictures!  

NR's an artis but I sometimes doodle in her sketch book, I mostly do crack!doodles to make her laugh but once in a blue moon I'll draw something that's decent. NR helps me fix it, like evening it out, shading it, and some "minor" (more like major, hehe) adjustments that's why she signs it , cuz I let her have the finish draft and just basically give her a rough draft to work with. If I do sign something I sign it as SkIE, one or two might pop up here or there, anyways thats me and Nelly R is NR. I usually come up with the back story and color it cuz she's way to impatient to do it her self.  heheh 

since NR posted about what we did today...er yesterday I'm going to post about First experiences,,,,

some of our crack! emoticon doodles

1st says: "It hurts to pretend to be this sweet, cheerful, and nice"
2nd says: "My eyes they burn!"   
3rd says: "My plan is almost complete...now to get him out of here in one peice *ponders*
Hehe we had fun with those. I made the first 2 and NR , made the last one
it was my first attempt to do different eyes and expressions

my first emoticon, NR did the nice shade work

It says: "were they just *blush*"  hehe some one saw a lil' to much.....

Colored Crack!

lol that was NR and me when we first got our wabcom bamboo tablet that we have affectionally named Booth. We have a habbit of naming things after ppl we like. My laptop for example was named bj_spangel. That's because I have a bj wallpaper and a Spangel skin to protect the back of the computer. NR named "her" min. schnauzer Emmett I named a teddy bear i have Theodore, cuz he looks mopey and a lil' lion spikey cuz he looks cocky. hehe you get the idea

Oh NR drew me!!
I colored it. It was my first attempt at trying the light affect, so it seems like light is hitting the hair and part of the glasses.
NR posted this in DA under lieutanantNelly013, so that's what the watermark is for....

Well that was my random post at some of our first.....later.

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From: nnnr_of_tctf
Date: Jun. 12th, 2009 07:41 pm (UTC)

This is shooo Beawsuuum!!
I remembr aaaall of these things they shoo fum nd stupid ^^;
Sum of these things i evn furgot bout, sadd T3T
ily!! <333

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